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To the readers - All the entries below are under cuts for a reason. This journal contains potentially offensive adult language that may not be suitable for readers under 18. This journal is read at your own risk.

I know this only makes it more tempting to you 13-year-old kids who think you're defying your parents and having a great time by reading things you "shouldn't," but your parents need to realize that if you understand this material, they have only themselves to blame for not sheltering you better or turning on the WebSafe content blockers that should probably be active on your computer.

Suck on that.

Update 8/27/09 -

I'm looking to do more writing, and I'm hoping to get a little fan base. Not sure where to start yet, but I know that writing is my life, so I must do what I must do!

Also, if you like what you read here, I now accept "tips."

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I just added both journals to my friends only list. So add me too! And my creative journal is l_velvet_sheets. I will make sure to add you to that journal too!

Thanks ali (l8ty_velvet).

I would love to read your writings so please add me. I will comment as to what I feel or think.

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