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The Wood Nymph

It was a warm summer day some time long ago when Kaya, a beautiful green-skinned dryad emerged from the safety of her tree to drink from the pond several feet from her grove. She walked with her head high, taking long strides to reach her destination more quickly. The sun was setting, but humans could still see her tall, slender form if she wasn’t careful. She knew better than to venture out during daylight, but she desperately needed a drink. She flipped her hip-length brown hair back over her right shoulder, and looked behind herself to make sure she was alone. The grass tickled her bare feet as she stepped out from between the trees into the clearing to where the pond had beckoned her. She looked up past the trees at the small dirt road that overlooked the pond. It was traveled very infrequently, especially at night, because it was rumored that highwaymen frequented its many dark bends, robbing men and women blindly and sending them on their way with nothing more than the clothes on their backs.

Kaya was not afraid of the thieves, because she knew that they rarely skulked about on this particular stretch of road. Straight-aways like this one provided little cover for robbers, depriving them of the element of surprise. Kaya strode up to the edge of the pond on tip-toe and knelt down beside it. She reached eagerly into the cool water with her right hand and scooped out what she could to quench her thirst. As the ripples dispersed, and the water returned to its calm state, Kaya’s reflection became visible in the moonlit pond.

The moon was full and reflected itself in the pond to the right just above her reflection. She stared into her own face, watching her wide brown eyes dance across her image. Her skin was as green as the leaves that hung from the trees that surrounded her. Her hair was long and wispy, parted evenly in the middle. Her nose was small, and her lips were plump with a perfect little curve in the upper one that made them look like they belonged in a picture for a lipstick campaign. She tucked her hair behind her ear on her left side and shifted her weight so that she could see more of herself. She had a long neck leading down to narrow shoulders, and defined muscular arms. She smiled at her reflection, and dropped her eyes down to look at her full breasts. Her erect nipples were a much darker green than the rest of her skin, and seemed to be begging for her to play with them. She reached up and rubbed the right one, giggling at herself as she watched her reflection mimic her every move. She reached both hands up and stretched, arching her back, and looked down into the water to see her slightly round stomach leading down to her wide hips and unusually long legs. She swung her feet around and draped them into the water, sitting with her bare bottom on the cold, muddy bank of the pond. She gazed down deeper into the water to see tiny fish swimming around her feet. Their fins and tails tickled her toes as they frolicked about, making her giggle and squirm.

She hated to admit that the sensation had turned her on, but her nipples weren’t the only things calling for attention now. She looked back over her shoulder again, being careful to watch out for humans, and making sure that none of her sisters had followed her. She reached down between the lips of her pussy and began rubbing her clit with one finger on each side. She slid it back and forth between her fingers, keeping aware of the sensation of the tickling of her toes. She smiled and tipped her head back, propping herself up on her free hand. Her feet kicked slightly as she pleasured herself, and her breath became shorter and quicker. She left her throbbing clit, not wanting to over stimulate it, and slid her two fingers into her moist opening. She leaned back further for a better angle, and squeezed herself around her fingers while she slowly moved them in and out of herself. She moaned quietly to herself and squirmed, pulling her legs halfway up out of the water and pushing her knees together. Her ears felt hot and her eyes rolled back in her head. The muscles inside her contracted around her fingers as she came, and her feet lifted straight up out of the water. Droplets raced up her legs as she lay on her back, twitching and breathing heavily. When the euphoria began to subside, Kaya dropped her legs back into the pond, causing a great splash to be heard on the road above.

"What was that?" a man’s voice asked frantically. Another male voice mumbled back. Kaya heard the sounds of them speaking and looked over her shoulder. Two shaded figures appeared at the side of the road, and began making their way down the bank towards her. She pulled her fingers out of herself, swished them quickly in the pond water, and hurried to stand up. She should have been able to outrun them, but she was weak, and before she knew it, she felt a large, warm hand grip tightly around her wrist.

"What do we have here?" she heard a voice behind her say. She pulled to get away, but just then she felt another, smaller hand wrap around her other wrist. That hand belonged to the speaker.

"I’ve never seen anything like it," said the other one, running his fingers through her hair, the tips of his fingers brushing down her spine.

"I don’t think it’s human," the other one replied.

"It looks human," the first man responded, pulling her back towards him and spinning her around. The second man let go, and the first, a tall, sinister-looking man with black hair and a large nose took both her wrists and squeezed them unmercifully to keep her immobilized. Kaya dug her heels into the ground and tried to break free, but the man was too strong for her.

"Is it green?" the other man asked, squinting to see her better. He was blonde, and his hair was swept untidily to the left. He was dirty, and wearing a red cape that flapped in the wind. Kaya could see now that the other man was wearing a more regal-looking ensemble, topped with a black cloak that draped down past his tough black boots.

"It’s one of those forest nymphs the legends always talk about,” the dark-haired man said. “What do you say, Jared? Shall we take her with us?"

"We have a whole night of work on the road ahead of us," he replied. "She’ll just get in the way."

"We can’t just let her go," Jared said, stamping his foot, narrowly missing her toes. “How many other chances are we going to get to catch a creature like this?"

"Well then what do you think we should do with her?"

"What the legends say to do with one when you catch it," he said, grinning slyly.

"I’ve never heard any legends about what to do with a green fairy lady, William," Jared replied.

"You fuck ‘em, every way you can," William replied. He laughed menacingly, but somehow Kaya felt more settled. As long as they weren’t going to take her back to the human world with them, she could deal with whatever they may have in store for her. She knew that if she was taken too far away from her tree that she would die, but Dryads are supposed to lure men to them for sex. Even though she hadn’t meant to, she knew what to do with a human male once she got one to her grove. She wondered how different it would be to fuck two of them at once.

Kaya looked up into William’s eyes and locked him in her gaze. His grip loosened as she seduced him with her supernatural charm. She walked backwards towards the shadows and the safety of the trees while William followed, and Jared kept close to them, following William’s lead. At the edge of the forest, Kaya slipped from William’s grasp and laid back on a patch of wet leaves. She kept her knees up and her legs spread for the horny highwaymen who were about to have their way with her. William’s blank stare contented her, but she didn’t want to make him her puppet. He had obviously been eager to rape her, and she was willing to let him think that he was doing just that. Shrouded in the safety of the trees’ shadows, Kaya blinked and broke his gaze, giving him control over his body back.

Kaya pretended to try to squirm away, and William grabbed her slender wrists to hold her still. His evil grin reappeared on his face, and Kaya had to try not to smile back at him, letting him keep his illusion that he was in control. William knelt between her legs and looked her over.

"Jared, hold this nymph down while I get myself ready," he commanded. Jared took Kaya’s wrists slightly higher up and William let go to undo his pants. Kaya kicked weakly, keeping up the illusion that she really wanted to get away. Jared’s grip was softer than William’s, and she probably could have gotten out of it if she had wanted to, but she was already so horny from touching herself by the pond that she couldn’t have been more eager to take on this dark, broad-shouldered human male. He pulled his pants down to his knees and Kaya looked down, trying to see his cock in the light that was coming from behind the trees. She tipped her head back and chuckled to herself, still feebly pretending to try to break free.

"According to legend, Jared," William said, reaching down between Kaya’s legs, "these beauties are always ready for action." He touched her wet pussy, and grinned again. "I guess some legends really are true," he said before licking her juices off his finger. "They even taste better than real women," he said.

William took her wrists from Jared and held Kaya down while forcefully pushing his cock into her. Jared watched, and felt himself grow hard from the sight of William fucking the beautiful nymph. William’s thrusts were harsh and quick. He pounded his pelvis against her will full force, and she lifted her hips towards him. It became harder and harder for her to maintain the illusion that she didn’t want to be there with every thrust. Finally, she wrapped her legs around him, and let out a deep moan, orgasmimg around his wide cock.

"I think she likes it, Jared," he said, pounding into her harder and harder. "Aren’t you going to take advantage of it?"

Jared nodded, and took his pants off, leaving them on the ground a few feet from Kaya’s head. He knelt with one knee on either side of Kaya’s head, and forced himself between her full lips. Kaya wasn’t sure what to do with this, since having a human male in her mouth had never happened before. He began to thrust gently, urging Kaya to suck. Kaya got the picture, and began sucking, bobbing her head, sliding her lips up and down his shaft, and taking the head to the back of her throat. She’d never felt a sensation like this before, but she really enjoyed it. She found it difficult to moan with a cock in her mouth, but managed to make some noise when William made her cum again.
William held her hips, squeezing them tightly the same way he had squeezed her wrists, and he dug his fingernails into her soft flesh, drawing blood while he continued to vigorously slam his cock into her. Jared pushed his cock to the back of Kaya’s throat and choked her when he came in her mouth. Kaya swallowed his hot fluid as it shot out of him, and tried to keep herself from choking too hard.

Jared pulled his cock out of her mouth, and a few stray drops of his cum dribbled down her chin. He swung his left leg to the other side and sat beside her, trying to catch his breath while William finished up. William was grunting and panting loudly, pulling Kaya towards him with every thrust, smashing into her, causing the most pleasurable pain she’d ever felt. Jared watched while he caught his breath, and found himself becoming aroused again. Kaya’s wrapped her legs tighter around William, and squeezed him from inside, orgasming again from his powerful thrusts. She moaned loudly, thankful that she no longer had a cock in her throat to obstruct her noises. She looked up at William. His dark eyes had a devilish flame to them, but she didn’t let him scare her. She bucked her hips against his pelvis and pulled him closer, aching to feel him cum inside her. It seemed to her that he was holding back on purpose, hoping to tear her apart from the inside with his thrusts. A mere mortal woman might be aching from the pain by now, but Kaya’s stamina was beyond unearthly.
The leaves, twigs, and rocks under Kaya’s back scratched her and tore her skin open, causing a sensation similar to that being provided by William’s nails. Jared was sitting beside her watching intently, stroking his cock. He was almost as eager for William to finish as Kaya was, so that he could have his turn. His eyes grew wider and his cock throbbed harder the longer he watched.

William let out an enormous snarl as his hot cum shot into Kaya’s quivering body. She squeezed herself around him, trying desperately to squeeze out one more orgasm before he pulled out of her. Even if she couldn’t, she suspected that Jared would finish her off at the first chance he got. William inched back on his knees and stood up. His sticky fluid ran out of Kaya, and a few drops lingered on the head of his cock. He kicked his pants off and sat back for a few moments to catch his breath.
Jared wasted no time in picking up where William had left off. His cock was much longer, but also much thinner than William’s. He knelt beside her and pushed her over with uncharacteristic forcefulness that Kaya would have expected from William, but not from Jared. Kaya picked herself up and got on all fours, holding her ass high in the air for Jared to grab onto. He took his cue and grabbed her hips, holding still while he slipped into her pussy from behind. He let out a moan when he felt the tight walls of her pussy wrap around his cock.

"This end’s even better," Jared said. "It’s no wonder people talk about these things all the time. They really are legendary."

"How was her mouth?" William asked, standing up and walking around Kaya. He stepped cautiously like a lion stalking prey. Jared moaned incessantly as he fucked Kaya, pulling her in as he thrust forward the same way William had, but Jared had a gentler thrust and a gentler touch. William knelt down in front of Kaya, placed his huge hand firmly on the back of her head, and pushed her head down on his cock. Kaya twirled her tongue around and around his shaft, playing with it and teasing it. William tired of being taunted and thrust himself forward while pushing on the back of her head. She did her best to accommodate him, but his cock was much wider than Jared’s. She sucked hard on him, squeezing his cock between her tongue and the roof of her mouth. The air was filled with Jared’s moaning, and Kaya was choking on William’s cock. Her pussy was throbbing and dripping with cum, ready to orgasm if only Jared would hit the right spot. She was just moments from cumming. She moaned and groaned around William’s cock, and arched her back as Jared made her cum. Her lips let William’s cock slide out, and she let out a loud moan, but William wasn’t going to let her stop. He forced his cock back between her lips and didn’t even give her a chance to suck, just held her head and fucked her mouth as if it were another vagina. William grabbed her head with both hands and thrust forward, forcing his cum down Kaya’s throat before she was ready for it. Jared continued to fuck her harder and harder, mumbling incoherently and grunting. William stood up and put his pants back on, buckling them securely.

The sounds of hoof beats could be heard coming from the road above them, and William knew that this might be the coach they’d been waiting for.

"Hurry up, Jared, I want to take that one down," William said, watching Jared impatiently bang himself harder and harder against Kaya, grabbing at her butt-cheeks for dear life when the sensations got to be too much for him.
"I’m trying, I’m trying," he said breathlessly, and then finally with a few squeezes, Kaya managed to coax his last shot out of him. She squealed when he finished inside her, and sat back to catch his breath. The moment he pulled out, Kaya got up and ran off into the woods with one swift motion, leaving them to their coach robbing, determined to one day coax them back again for another threesome.

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