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Solwynn was a new priestess, young and unexposed to the harshness of the outside world. Her parents, thinking only about keeping her safe, turned her over to the priestesshood on the isle of Kitmara the moment she came of age. Her first week was spent in the dormitories and the gardens on the island learning the uses of its native herbs and insects. She befriended some of the other young priestesses, and spent large quantities of time in meditation. When Mentor Priestesses Kaya and Alara found her seated in the butterfly grove, they told her it was time to enter the alabaster temple.

“You are ready?” Kaya asked. “You are one of our most promising students. It is time for you to see where all of our most important work is done.” Solwynn rose to her feet only to find herself staring into Kaya’s shoulder. She felt as though she might never grow up to be a full-sized adult, having been at least full head shorter than every woman in her village for as long as she could remember. Her hair wasn’t as long or dark as Kaya’s either. Kaya’s dark chocolate locks curled at the bottom, and Alara’s red hair was shiny and full. Solwynn felt like her soft, light brown hair didn’t measure up. She had compared herself physically to the others for as long as she could remember, being insecure about how different she was. She felt as though she may not belong in the world she was born into. Her pale skin wouldn’t tan, and her eyes, though they sparkled like sapphires, were the only pair of blue eyes in the known world. She couldn’t for the life of her figure out why these priestesses thought she was special.

Still, she let them guide her out through the trees that waved the undersides of their leaves at her as the breeze blew through. Blades of soft grass tickled her bare feet as she crossed the lawn past the garden. She had yet to grow accustomed to the tradition of not wearing shoes. The priestesses believed that the feet were the connection to the Mother inside the earth, and the crown of the head was the connection to the Mother in the moon. Shoes and hats were not tolerated. The sun was warm, but not hot, and Solwynn had no trouble keeping up with the other women, though her legs were not as long. To her right, many initiated priestesses tended a garden of pink flowers. Fairies the size of butterflies fluffed the blossoms and giggled as the bees buzzed by. It was very different here from the dusty streets where Solwynn spent her earliest years. She had mud on her face every day, torn clothes, and bugs in her hair. Here, however, there was a certain grace that she was expected to maintain. She could get dirty in the garden, but there were many rituals that she knew she would be learning soon that would require her to be clean, tidy, and quietly submissive.

At the base of the hill Solwynn looked up. Kaya and Alara’s arms swung by their sides and from between them Solwynn could see the alabaster temple. She fell behind in her journey as she felt the need to stop and gasp, taking in the sight. She had never seen a taller building. It had been carved hundreds of years before out of the whitest stone she had ever seen. There was something unearthly and pristine about it beyond simply being a sterile white. Solwynn had seen it from the gardens, but had yet to be this close, having been told that it was built on holy ground. They must have been serious if they had brought her this far.

The opening to the temple seemed dark and mysterious. From the diagonal angle at which they approached, the front entrance seemed like a black hole in the side of a virgin-white mountain. There was no door to speak of, only scalloped edges surrounding a shadowy corridor. Solwynn’s heart raced as she got closer, nervous about what might lie inside those pristine towers and beyond the mesmerizing opening. White clouds rolled past, making it feel like the temple was standing just on the edge of the heavens.

Once around the corner and into the doorway, Solwynn’s whole perception of the temple changed. It was warm and inviting, despite being so glaringly white. The small square tiles that made up the entryway ended abruptly in an arch in front of three wide steps that lead up to the altar. Above was a round, glass skylight that seemed to illuminate the whole great room, even in indirect sunlight. A round red carpet defined the altar area, and plain white cabinets were built into the walls to hold the ritual tools. The white marble alter seemed to grow up out of the carpet from its polished round base up through its four strong, branched prongs that reached out in four opposing directions to hold up the thick white stone slab where rituals and sacrifices were performed.

As glorious as the altar was, however, it wasn’t what held Solwynn’s attention. The massive curved staircases on either side that embraced the room were not holding her attention either. She failed to wonder where they might lead, or how far up they might reach. She failed to appreciate their gentle curve that made them seem like they must be what gives the temple its round shape, pushing outward on its walls to make the whole building a perfect circle. Solwynn’s mind was on the statue to the left of the altar of the temple’s God, Ario. Across from his likeness was the likeness of his consort, Tyria. She was the goddess that each of the priestesses tried to embody; grace, light, stillness. There was something less than still about Ario, however. There was something naughty about him. If he was Tyria’s consort, it was because he embodied everything that she did not: together they would be the perfect balance. What would be the opposite of grace and stillness? Solwynn pondered the question as her small, virgin body trembled just a little in His presence. She never thought to fear Tyria. She was too busy lusting for Ario. For the moments that he filled her mind that day, she forgot that she was not alone with him. Kaya and Alara smiled knowingly at each other, but didn’t speak a word until they were certain that she was ready to come back down from the clouds.

“Are you ready to go, Solwynn?” Kaya asked. Solwynn shook off the daydream she was having about Ario. She didn’t even know yet what sex felt like, but the throbbing in her lower regions told her that she wanted to know quite badly. She imagined looking into his eyes while he caressed her supple breasts. She imagined the taste of his lips and the smell of his musk. She heard Kaya’s words echo in her head somewhere between the image of his lips on hers, and the image of his cock spreading her open. She realized she’d better say something before they thought her insane.

“Go, already?” She asked. “But you haven’t even told me what’s up the stairs yet.” She was faking interest in something she cared nothing about, hoping to throw them off the scent. She felt self-conscious about her daydream, wondering if the other women could read her mind. He shifted anxiously as her body released its secretions. She hoped that she was the only one who could smell it.

“You hardly seem concerned with the upstairs rooms, young one,” Alara pointed out. Solwynn’s cheeks turned red and she looked down at the bits of soil between her toes. She felt sick with embarrassment.

“Upstairs are the rooms of the highest-level priestesses,” Kaya informed her. “That rank does not always pertain to those who have been with us the longest, but the ones with the most potential or who have grown beyond the rest in their spirituality tend to dwell there. It is quieter here than it is in the general dorms, so we feel that it’s better for the more advanced practitioners to reside here.” Solwynn nodded blankly, and then followed her fellow priestesses out of the temple.

Late that night Solwynn could feel her heart pounding in her chest as she tried desperately to fall asleep. The definition of Ario’s muscles filled her mind. Each line and curve of his body haunted her thoughts. Worst of all was the apparent strength and power with which his cock extended from his pelvis. Solwynn reached down and gently massaged her swollen clitoris with one finger on each side while she thought about how glorious it would be to feel his rigid member sliding back and forth between her pussy lips. She curled her toes and gasped as she brought herself higher with only thoughts of the sensual God to stimulate her mind. When her clitoris became too sensitive to touch, she slid a finger inside of herself and held her thighs close together. Careful to keep her pleasure cries to a minimum and not disturb the other sleeping priestesses, Solwynn squeezed her finger up inside herself, fluttering her muscles around the one digit to bring herself to orgasm. Biting her lip, she finished with a stifled whimper and her body went limp. Her breath came in great gasps, and she was covered in her own sweat. Her juices flowed between her legs so readily that she felt as though they may never stop. For the rest of the night she laid there sweating and breathing, but not sleeping.

Solwynn would not sleep more than a few hours a night for the next several days. When she did find herself under the sandman’s influence, she dreamed of nothing but Ario. Her dreams were so vivid and powerful that she could swear that his hands had been on her body just moments before her eyes popped open. In her mind she felt his tongue on her clit, she felt his cock between her thighs, she felt his hands pulling her hair to guide her mouth as she gently sucked his cock. Ario consumed her thoughts and soon the bags under her eyes grew so heavy that she could barely carry them.

Solwynn found herself yawning and nodding off during a class taught by Kaya, and for her, that was the last straw. The other priestess trainees snickered, whispered, and pointed at her, but they did not know Ario like she did. Dream after dream confirmed for her that she had to get back into that temple and release her heat on his stiff form. She woke, eyes wide from her class time dozing with the same serious but fuzzy head about her that one has when something horribly shocking sobers them from their drinking. Solwynn was determined to have her way with him, one way or another.

That night when twilight hit and all the others were readying themselves for bed, Solwynn readied herself for a ritual of a different variety. She slid into a braided skirt and nothing else. She painted her face with the colors of her faith and teased up her hair. She looked as though she were ready for battle, and in a way, she was. She was sure that this was what she needed to soothe her mind and bring her dreams to an end. Her strides were quick and long, as she made her way from the dorms, through the grove, past the gardens and up the hill to the temple. Not a single candle was alight in the windows above, and thus she deemed it safe to wander inside. Only the moon saw where she was going on that still night, and she could feel its gentle light burning into her shoulders as though it knew her intention. She fought it back, however. No matter what apprehensions she had, she was determined to know this God the way her body needed to know him.

She entered the dark, cold temple, and found it far less inviting this time than it had been initially. It may have been because the sun was not shining in through the skylight, or the eerie torchlight that came from sconces just beyond the altar. Shadows of the sharp edges of the cabinets and the statues bounced around the room as the torches flickered, and there stood Ario, God of Solwynn’s dreams. As she looked upon Ario’s erection, she wondered how it would ever fit inside her. It was hard enough for her to just get a finger inside. A hard lump formed in her throat, and she swallowed it uneasily.

It would be easy enough, it seemed, for Solwynn to kneel on the altar and press herself onto the phallus. She climbed up onto the altar and bowed before the statue, showing reverence to Him as best she knew how. In the teachings she had absorbed, it was much more customary to greet the Goddess, Tyria before acknowledging her consort. Still, Solwynn ignored the Mother and greeted only the one she lusted for. She made up an incantation and asked Ario to bless her in her work, in becoming one with him. She waited for some kind of answer, but nothing came. She heaved a great sigh and stared longingly at Ario’s form, focusing mostly on his cock. She was wet and ready to receive him, and couldn’t wait a second longer.

Solwynn pulled her skirt up over her hips and turned her back to the statue. On her hands and knees, she backed herself up across the altar top until she could feel his hard stone cock against her opening. She backed up and slid herself down across the head so that she could feel it rubbing against her clit. She purred softly as she felt him so close to her. Finally, she was about to fulfill her aching need. She slipped herself over the tip of his cock and moaned gratefully. The echo filled the room, and Solwynn made no attempt to stifle herself as she forgot about the priestesses sleeping upstairs. She rocked herself gently on just the tip, soothing herself joyfully and getting ready to go deeper. When she was finally so soaked that there was no turning back, and her droplets of pleasure were flowing down Ario’s shaft, she pushed back to take him deeper. She felt within herself a sharp pain and a pop as she slid too fast down the solid, unyielding cock. With that one eager slip her virginity was gone and dripping red down the statue’s legs. She had overlooked that little detail in her plans to clean up her mess afterwards. She was so high from the pleasure that the little snap barely fazed her, and she didn’t have the head to think about what might happen if she got caught. She pushed herself all the way back and down, forcing herself to open wide and take every inch of the rock-hard phallus.

Being made of stone, Ario’s cock didn’t have much flexibility, so Solwynn resorted to simply sliding back and forth, up and down, occasionally grinding her g-spot against the tip. She threw her hands forward in a prayer position, head down, moans rumbling into the altar as she worked herself into an orgasm. Sweat, blood, and cum all flowed down her body, and tears came to her eyes as she felt her muscles contract. She screamed, pulling at his cock with her pussy, stroke after stroke making every pulse more intense than the last. The room appeared to be spinning now, and Solwynn looked up at the statue of Tyria across the table. Solwynn felt a sense of dominance over the figure. She stared with a proud defiance in her eyes, knowing that she was taking the God away from his Queen. She felt the ferocity of a tiger in heat guarding her mate from other females. A fire was burning inside her greater than she knew how to control.

Solwynn was so consumed by the blaze that she didn’t notice when Ario’s cock became a little more yielding. She didn’t realize that rock hard stone had transformed into rock hard flesh until fractions of a second before Ario’s hands came slamming down onto her hips, gripping her writhing body and pulling her down over his cock. As he sank himself into her, fear, shock, and disbelief ran through her body all at once. Her heart raced and she squirmed desperately trying to pull away and see what had grabbed her. Over her shoulder she saw her stone lover come to life, awakened by the pulse of her flesh, the taste of her blood, and the heat of her spirit. What struck her next was the supernatural boom of Ario’s magnificent voice crashing into her ears and lighting up her mind.

“What is this? Do you think your tiny human cunt can fulfill my needs, little one? You have yet to see my full power.” Just then, Solwynn felt herself stretched, forced open, almost splitting. Ario’s cock was growing inside of her in length and in width. She squirmed, uncomfortable, trying to accommodate him and feeling like there was no way she could take this. None of her dreams or fantasies could have truly prepared her for an encounter with a true God. She gasped in pain. If anything had remained of her hymen after the initial pop, it was gone now. She clenched her fists and tears came to her eyes as she endured the throbbing pain between her legs. She gasped and fought as best she could to get away from him, but to no avail. Ario pulled her hands out from under her and pinned her wrists to her hips. Just as Solwyn thought that she could bear no more, Ario began to move. His long, deep, pounding thrusts hurt Solwynn so badly that she could feel the quake in her toes. She squirmed and struggled, but Ario held her down. Her face and knees were pressed into the altar, jerked across the surface as Ario had his way with her.

Solwynn’s screams echoed through the ritual hall, but the reverberation seemed to break before it reached the chambers above. No one came rushing to her rescue; no one came to see what the ruckus was all about. All she could do was lay there, bent, body held tense, and let this deity split her in two. Ario, meanwhile, was gleefully pushing and pulling himself out of Solwynn, savoring stroke after stroke. He moved slowly and rhythmically to maximize the sensation, pulling himself almost all the way out each time, and then pushing all the way back in, thrusting up at the end of each stroke to get inside completely. Solwynn’s fists were balled so tightly that her fingernails dug into her palms cut through her flesh. She sniffled and caught her breath and finally the endorphins started to kick in. When the head of Ario’s cock slammed against her cervix, it stung a little, but the long, even strokes began to feel pleasurable. Solwynn relaxed and leaned back into the thrusts. Ario groaned and grunted, quickening his pace.

“Bless you, my little virgin,” he said, his voice still heavy and booming. There was not a lick of tenderness in his touch or in his words. Solwynn knew now that Tyria’s divine grace and stillness were balanced with Ario’s animalistic nature. She had chosen no gentle and compassionate lover, but instead a beast full of lust and rage. He was a being of carnal desire, and this was beyond evident in the way he fucked the helpless creature laying on the slab.

The next sound that filled the room was a great, rumbling roar from the depths of Ario’s being. Solwynn reached forward, arched her back and screamed as Ario emptied himself into her. Ario came in white tides that seeped forth from Solwynn’s stretched hole and splashed down onto the altar, wave after wave. Solwynn felt it on her legs and feet first, and then watched as the puddle began to run across the altar’s surface and towards her face. Before Ario could withdraw, Solwynn blacked out.

Morning came and the priestesses Kaya and Alara found Solwynn lying face down on the altar in a pool of cum and blood. They roused her gently and helped her down from the table. Bow-legged and sore, it was all she could do not to clutch her genitals. She didn’t notice that Ario’s statue was back in its original place, clean and pristine as though it had never been touched. His expressions, his pose, all the same, save for one difference: his spent cock hung flaccid between his legs, unaroused and unimpressive. Solwynn looked nervously from Kaya to Alara and back, but she did not see the looks of disapproval that she had anticipated. Instead Kaya smiled and said, “it’s going to be okay, Solwynn. We’ll get you some mead and a bath before we move your things into your new room upstairs.”


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