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What I'd Do
It sucks when there's nothing to do, and the only thing I wanna do is not really possible right now... I know how cranky he can be if I interrupt his video game time, but I really really want to... ::sigh::

I've been dreaming about it for hours now... Ideally, he'd lay back in the corner of the couch with his hands behind his head, and I'd crawl up his legs, seizing his hips when I got to the right height. I'd take down the zipper to those thin dollar store gray camo shorts he's wearing, exposing his cock, limp, but ready because it has been without affection for so long. I'd reach in to the cave created by the split zipper and remove the part I want the most. I'd bring my face down with my mouth open eagerly, and take the whole tiny thing into my mouth. I'd pull back gently, feeling it lengthen and harden between my lips. He'd close his eyes and smile. After the dry spell we've been in for almost 2 weeks, at this point I know I'd feel like I was in heaven just having him exposed to me.

I'd open up my mouth again, taking the whole thing over and over until it became fully hard and too engorged for me to take in its entirety. I'd lick it up and down all sides, paying special attention to the head by swirling my tongue around it repeatedly each time I came to the top. He's quiver lightly as I slid my whole mouth past the head and down the shaft, sucking gently, bobbing rythmically with my eyes closed up and down on his hard cock.

"Do you want to take this upstairs?" he would ask me.

"No," I would say, taking a moment to breathe. "This one's all for you."

I'd drop my head back down and take his cock between my tongue and the roof of my mouth, sliding back and forth, urging his fluids to the top. He's moan cautiously the way he does, and slide his fingers into my short brown hair. Another moan would excape his parted lips as I sucked harder, then slowed down in a torturous tease to draw his pleasure out longer. Should I let him hold it in, or should I coax it out now? I wonder, as my jaw begins to ache. It's an ache I've longed to feel for too many nights now. 8 days. It's been 8 days. I don't know how he can always seem to hold out so long. It's never that easy for me.

Deciding I want it out now, I'd open my mouth wide, taking as much of him as I could, then softly, gently, slowly, pull my lips up his shaft. Over and over again, I'd gently stroke him with my swollen lips, then quicken my pace as his heart begins to race harder. The muscles in his legs and his ass would tighten, his head would tip back, and he would push his cock further into my mouth. Faster, harder I'd suck while he shakes underneith me. Grasping his thighs in my hands, I'd take him to the edge and then with one more pull of my lips and tongue he would burst, letting his cum fill my mouth. His sweet taste would be more than welcome on my tongue, and I'd even hold it there a moment just because it's been so long since I've tasted him.

But there he sits with his laptop in his lap, and his Nintendo DS in his hands. It's as though his sweet manhood is nestled deep inside a fortress where I am too afraid to trespass.

Maybe tomorrow night.


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