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Victoria Bale's Erotica - Adult Content

18 and Over ONLY, Please

Victoria Bale
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The Purpose of This Blog: To share my erotic writing with the public.

About The Work On This Blog: Unless otherwise noted, all content on this blog is my own original work, and is protected by copyright laws. You may quote my work with credit given, but only in no more than 1 paragraph sections at a time for discussion purposes. You may also use quotes in icons without penalty. If you are looking to publish my work alone or in an anthology, please comment and let me know how to contact you to make arrangements. If you are interested in purchasing short stories privately, please comment and let me know.

Friends Policy: Please do not comment to ask if it is okay if your friend me. Of course it is okay! Do not, however, expect me to friend you back. I plan to friend no one. You will not miss any entries because you haven't been friended, they are all public.

Posting Policy: I do not deal with anonamous posters. All posters must have an ID through LiveJournal, and are warned now that their IP address will be logged each time they post incase they give me problems. I will not look up your IP address to find out who you are unless there are legal issues we need to resolve.

Contacting Policy: Please contact me via the comment options on my journal only. If I give you my email address after that, that is my perrogative, however you are not to give it out, display it, or publish it in any forum. I will never display my email address on my journal. I do not want to be pen pals. I do not want to have cyber sex over AIM, MSN, Yahoo!, IMVU, or any other messenger service. I do not want to date you, or have sex with you. I will not have sex with you and your wife/girlfriend/fiancee/cousin/master/slave/horse, or anyone else you may have in mind.

My work is here for your enjoyment. I am just the writer, and I am not up for grabs.

I am taken, I am happy, and I don't cheat.

That being said, enjoy the show.