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Nymph Story Version 3 Chapter 1
This is something I'm working on for a private patron right now. I just sent this chapter out the other day, and Chapter 2 is about half done. let me know what you think.

"I love you," Jared said as he rolled away from her, putting out his cigarette in the glass ashtray on the cherry wood nightstand. He heaved a sigh, pulled the blankets up over his shoulders, and closed his eyes, trying to sleep.

"I know you think you love me, but you don’t," Cathy said to herself. "No one loves me. That’s my destiny."

She got out of the bed, wrapped herself in a wispy white robe, and crossed the room to stand by the window. She rested her shoulder against the cool painted wood of the window and gazed out at the stars. It seemed like each one twinkled just for her, reaching out to wrap itself around her breaking heart. They knew what she was inside, and so did she: a nymph destined for lust, not love. She was temptress who used her body to make men do as she pleased, and nothing more.

"There must be more to this existence than this," she thought, crossing her arms below her perky breasts. A car pulled into the parking lot, and a lone woman got out. Cathy recognized her as the woman who lived in the apartment next door. Cathy hardly knew anything about her. She came home every night at eleven, parked her car in the same, undesignated spot in the driveway, and went to bed. There had to be more to her, however, Cathy imagined. Her mind drew a parallel between the woman and the world at that moment. Her existence meant so little being the shallow, lust-filled routine that it appeared to be, but there was something behind it all, beneath it or through it. Cathy knew there was something more to being what she was than just seduction.

"But what could the reason be?" she wondered, hoping the twinkling stars could impart some wisdom upon her. Her eyes fell upon a particularly bright specimen, but nothing came to her. She supposed she would just have to wait until morning.

She shifted her body, laying her back against the wall and stretching her arms high in the air. She was slender and beautiful, possessing a lightly muscular body, blonde hair cut in a boyishly short style that hugged her perfectly symmetrical face, and blue eyes that seemed like tiny round hallways that went on forever. Her lips were thick and pouty, and her legs made up the majority of the mass of her body being as long and supple as they were. She looked up at the stars once more out of the corner of her eye, then took herself back to bed where Jared was already snoring. She was less than surprised. Sex always put him out quickly. “Who needs tranquilizers?” she thought to herself as she chuckled and crawled back into bed. She stared at the plain tile ceiling with her hands tucked behind her head until she drifted off to sleep. Sleep was always where she found the answers.

Cathy’s subconscious took hold of her as her mind sought the answer. Suddenly, images of pollution, destruction, waste, and misfortune flashed through her mind. Parks where children played were turned into landfills. Wetlands were paved to make way for strip malls. Trees in the rainforest were cut down to make grazing land for cattle. She felt helpless. She felt scared and overwhelmed, and for a moment couldn’t fathom what this might have to do with her. Then she saw herself seducing the mayor of the city with the children’s park, convincing him to move the landfill somewhere else. She saw herself on her knees, taking the cock of the man who sold the wetlands to developers into her mouth as he promised to give the deeds to her instead. She saw herself tied to a tree in the rainforest where the men who ran the logging machines took turns fucking her and forcing their cocks into her mouth instead of cutting down the trees. This is what she could do.

Cathy sat straight up in bed and gasped as she immediately regained consciousness. The shock to her system was almost unbearable. A pain in her chest seemed to be pulling her heart down into her stomach. This is what she could do.

"Are you all right, Hon?" Jared asked, still half asleep.

"Jared," she said, sliding off the bed. She didn’t wait for him to respond. "I’m leaving you Jared," she declared, tying her robe tight around herself and sliding a pair of shoes on without socks.

"What?" he said in a tone that denoted that he thought he hadn’t heard her correctly or might be dreaming.

"I’ll be back tomorrow to pick up my things," she said, "but I can’t stay here with you anymore. I have things I need to do with my life, and none of them include satisfying you and putting you to bed every night for the rest of my life."

Jared sat up when he realized that she might actually be serious. He didn’t know what to say.

"But I love you, Cathy. What am I going to do without you?"

"I know you think you love me, but you don’t. No one loves me. That’s my-"

"That’s bullshit, Cathy. I love you. I’ve always loved you. Look, I was saving this for tomorrow night, but maybe you need to hear this now."

"Nothing you can say will make me change my mind," she replied, telling herself that she didn’t love him enough to care about what he had to say. He pulled a box out of the back of the top drawer in the cherry wood nightstand.

"Cathy, I love you more than I’ve ever loved anyone in my whole life. Your every smile brings me joy like I’ve never known before." He popped the little black jeweler’s box open and revealed the princess-cut diamond solitaire set in yellow gold.

"I want you to be my wife, Cathy. Will you marry me?"

Cathy just stared at him. Her mind was blank. Finally her poker face broke and she looked at him in utter disgust.

"No, Jared. Didn’t you hear a word I just said? I’m leaving you and there’s nothing you can do about it."

"Cathy, wait!" Jared cried, reaching out towards her. He threw back the blanket to climb out of bed and stop her, but she had already closed the door behind herself. He knew there was nothing he could do but sob. The love of his life was gone.

Cathy, however, was thrilled with her new freedom. She paused in the hallway momentarily and thought, "okay, what first?" She was so thrilled with the idea that she hadn’t really given much thought as to how she was going to put her plan into action.

"Newspapers," she said, looking back and forth up and down the hallway. "I need current events to get me started. I should start with the mayor. I wonder what he’s up to as far as environmental plans, city parks, and whatnot. Even if he doesn’t, I can change that." Now her mind was buzzing.

She headed straight for the corner where a newspaper could be bought at a vending machine for a quarter. She flipped through it hastily but didn’t see anything she could work with. She tucked the paper under her arm and went back to her own apartment for some sleep.

The walk to her place was short, but she hadn’t been there in weeks. She had practically been living with Jared since they first started seeing each other. She didn’t want to think, however, about how great it had been. She didn’t want to think about how great he had been as she climbed the dusty white stairs to the second floor. As she rounded the corner on the landing, she pushed thoughts about steamy bubble baths together from her mind, fighting to pop the soap bubbles that lingered behind on the back of his neck and shoulders in her memory. As she climbed the steps to the third floor, she almost found herself in tears over thoughts of watching his ass bob up and down on the instant playback on the TV through his video camera as he plunged himself into her tight, wet pussy over and over again. Her pussy throbbed as she plunged her key into the lock and swung the door open. She could cry later. She had to satisfy herself now.
She threw her keys on the kitchen table and made her way to the bedroom feeling a sense of urgency building up in her body. Without bothering to turn on any lights, or move any of the clean laundry stacks from the bed where she had folded them, she threw herself down and thrust her middle finger into her wet opening. With her finger deep inside, and the heel of her hand on her clitoris, she rolled over onto her stomach, squeezed her legs together and began to pump her hips back and forth as though she were riding Jared as hard as she could. Her face was scrunched up in a heap of blankets so that she could barely breathe, but she didn’t care. If she closed her eyes she could almost feel Jared’s impressive cock probing her aching girl parts. She rubbed her clitoris hard as she bounced on her own hand.

"Jared, Jared," she whispered into the sheet as she squeezed around her own finger with her tight muscles. When she began to quiver, she took another finger and sunk it into her pussy to join the one that was already there. Her breathing was getting heavier and heavier, and she had to lift her head out of the blanket to breathe. She gasped sharply, crossed her ankles and squeezed desperately, trying to force the orgasm out. Shaking frantically now, her muscles began to contract around her two fingers, over and over again as she rubbed her clitoris slowly but firmly. Her eyes rolled back in her head and before she knew it she was screaming at the top of her lungs, shrieking in ecstasy, still longing for Jared’s throbbing cock.

She caught her breath swiftly, and then pulled her fingers out of herself just long enough to disrobe. The moonlight shone in her window, illuminating her soft white calves, while the partly drawn curtain shadowed her face. Naked and shivering, she laid back with her head resting on a mound of socks and crept her fingers across her hip, tickling herself, and slowly working her way towards her vagina. Once she found her wet, pulsating clitoris, she walked her fingers just past it, and began rubbing firmly on her labia coaxing out the last of the after shocks. She would rub slowly at first, then faster, faster, then slowly again with her other hand tucked comfortably behind her head. She closed her eyes and imagined Jared over her. She could almost see his face. She inhaled deeply. Some of his scent must still have been on her robe because she could swear she smelled his after shave and clove cigarettes. As her muscles throbbed away at the emptiness inside her, she screamed again, partly out of ecstasy, partly out of loneliness. She knew this would never be enough to satisfy her.

Her head tipped back, her eyes closed, she thought she heard a door open. "Jared," she thought. She imagined him throwing open her door, scooping her up and laying her back down with her head on a pillow. He would take off his pants and already be ready for her. He would straddle her chest, and she would obediently suck his swollen member, licking up and down every inch of it, and swirling her tongue around the head before pulling his ass towards her, tipping her head back and taking every inch of it down her willing throat. With one hand on his ass and the other on her labia, she would suck endlessly and apologetically, silently begging for forgiveness for ever leaving him. Then at the brink of his orgasm, she would throw him down, hop onto his pelvis, and slam her soaking wet pussy down onto his cock. Up and down she would bounce, tightening and relaxing her muscles as she bounced, squeezing every inch of his hard cock until he couldn’t take it anymore. He’d moan her name into the air as she dropped herself on him, over and over, pounding herself down. He would hold her hips and dig his fingernails into her back while she pleasured him, sending her over the edge. She would cum before he did, shaking, screaming and wailing, almost unable to handle the amount of pleasure surging through her body.

Outside her fantasy Cathy plunged her two fingers back into her pussy and screamed as she climaxed on the thoughts of her and Jared together again, a fantasy that would never really come true. She screamed again, this time bringing tears to her own eyes as she felt the pleasure and pain hit her all at once. Suddenly, she heard a voice.

"Are you, er… All right, miss?" She heard a man say. Her eyes flew open and just as though she were having a nightmare, she saw a tall, blonde policeman standing over her. She yanked her fingers out of her pussy, leaving it unsatisfied and throbbing painfully. She covered herself with her white robe, hardly hiding anything and replied, "No, but maybe if you take your clothes off, I will be."


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